I hope everyone is having a great time!

Bringing you the perfect piece of Puff Sleeve, tie-backless applique jacquard dress, & the super chic half-moon bag. This dress is perfect for sunny weather, & a bag that is perfect all year, day to night, night to day.

Have you ever seen something and you fall in love instantly?

Half Moon Nile Bag... How many times I search for that name on the internet and found nothing? That bag came out in 2009; it's sold out. Then, what if this is still available? Am I ready to spend $1,450 to get one? But I continued searching even after knowing its tag. I searched again the next day, after a month/s, and or whenever I remember. So one day, as I continued to search, one similar design came out to my screen. Gotcha!! I can get it from Amazon for less than a hundred $. I felt like a winner! Fall in love with this Victoria Hyde Half-moon Bag (link below) ever since!

Deep V-Neck, flowy, backless, feminine. I can't believe I will find all my favorite details in one dress. So, although I told myself I would only wear pastels and white this spring and summer, I don't mind taking that promise back. As I tried it on, I felt so beautiful and sexy at the same time. That wonderful feeling is less than $30.
You don't need to break the bank to be beautiful, indeed!!

I had so much fun shooting this dress with the perfect match half-moon bag. But wait!!! Isn't this straw bag an excellent match to it too? And oh, I just made a black pompom bag charm to match my every outfit. So expect to see more of this in many colors soon... Until then!

Although I have another secret I want to share with you all, this already feels so long, breaking my promise to keep it short and sweet.
Let me know if you want me to tell you how I made the matching fuzzy sandal!


HALF MOON BAG / Genuine Leather Half-Moon Bag by Victoria Hyde

BLACK DRESS / Puff Sleeve Backless Dress from Shein 

SANDAL / Clear sandal Steve Maden

RATTAN BAG / Natural Bag from Amazon

Thank you for being here with me today.

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