by Jane

Feminine and aesthetically pleasing! My 3rd mesh strap two-tone watch.

I bought my first watch in Singapore while working in a shopping mall, beside our boutique is the Skagen watch shop. Our neighbors were nice enough to offer me a discount :D. So I got her to convince me 😛 besides, the mesh strap and the two-tone catch my eye. I used it for over 5 years. I got my 2nd mesh watch with exactly the same design from the brand called 'Bering'. Well, I'm proud to say that I'm back to Skagen with this 3rd one. It's not because Bering is not good, only because my practical side was activated while looking for one :).
I am always looking for designs and quality but at a reasonable price, and Skagen is offering a discount, while Bering was not so I jump into Skagen.


To me, Feminine = Beauty. And beauty sum up Aesthetics.
The 26mm case is perfectly placed in a 14mm band as it belongs there. The two-tone mesh strap makes it dainty and feminine, looking to match any color of jewelry. The mineral crystal surrounding the two-hand movement add sophistication to an already elegant design.


In deciding on how to rate the value of one product, I think about how many times I can use it and how the item will represent my personality. This watch is


As much as I don't want to spoil all the good things I said about this bag, I must be honest and tell you about my experience. This is the 2nd one I received because the screw of the handle in my first order got loose for some reason, and I lost it before I could even come back home. The brand promptly replaced it, which is fantastic! Because of that incident, I fear the same thing will happen to the replacement. But so far, after 3rd use, everything is still intact. That's good news.
Besides that, everything is perfect, with no thread sticking out; the gold material in the tassel is smooth, and the chains are well done.


Almost 8 inches big and curved at the base, it's as tall as the iPhone-14. It has a card pocket which is good because you would for sure prefer your pressed powder, lipstick, small packet of tissue paper, and a key instead of your wallet. Although the description says to wear cross-body, the chain strap is too short, I recommend buying a separate gold chain for that use: that's what I did to mine but I love this design to be carried by hand always.


If you are looking for a bag for an elegant, unique bag for night and day out and still affordable, this is definitely for you.

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