Jane’s Lookbook

Jane’s Lookbook started two years ago when Jane moved to Denver from Singapore in the middle of the pandemic.

“I could not work until I received my green card. The pandemic made the process slower than usual. I am someone who would never ask or wait for someone to give me something, especially money, so I can buy things I need or want. I learned that when I was in college, and I purchased my first phone; a used cellphone from the money I got working as a part-time barista. Being capable and responsible for my own finances makes me happy nowadays. So, it’s always a challenge to stay home for a year and do nothing.

In my mind, I have to do something. Something hopeful and something I love. I love fashion, and I would spend hours and hours every day browsing the pages of my favorite fashion bloggers. Now, as I am writing this, I am remembering the hours and days, months and a few sleepless nights, I spent building janeslookbook.com. I have no IT experience, all I did was google every time I was trapped in something that I had no answer or idea. Time flew by. I never expected I could publish a blog on my website, but I am so happy and humbled we came this far. I don’t know where this path will take me, but I am always here. A probinxana who wanted to see the world and the world outside my comfort zone – our little town in the Philippines. A fashion enthusiast hungry for ideas and knowledge in the fast-changing world of creatives.

This time, I do photography, and brainstorm ideas for blogs after my 8-4, Monday to Friday job and most weekends in a coffee shop called Stellas. I call it our weekend office and my office mate is my wonderful, ever-supportive, and most patient husband.

Hopefully, my love for what I do will fuel this journey.”

Thank you so much for reading!!

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