How many hours do you spend a day browsing bloggers’ and celebrities’ Instagram posts and even watching YouTube try-on haul videos? They are beautiful. Sometimes you wish you have them too, but it can be a valid concern to spend your hard-earned money on a piece of dress that costs $200 or more. Ok, maybe not. You may like to shop and wear them once or twice, then keep them in your closet because you already have a new favorite.

Blogger & Celebrity Outfit in a Budget-Friendly Way

In this post, I will share trendy outfits for summer and how to get the same outfit and be fashionable without breaking the bank. Some of these are a copy of those expensive dresses you can buy online but I found exactly the same thing is available in other stores but in a more reasonable price. I will share the link with you as well.

Before I begin, please know that these are the photos of my favorite fashionistas. Below every photo is the link to their Instagram account. This does not mean, they got their clothes from the same store I’m going to share here. You may click their names to be directed to the feed and find out more details of their outfits.

Stunning @the_real_chi (from left), always gorgeous @yrispalmer (middle), & beautiful @myamills (right)

Shop this outfit here for $42: Orange Tie Dye Ruched Side Midi Skirt

My all-time favorite @sophielouisesdiary (left), @chiaraferragni (middle) very pretty in pink.

Shop similar outfit for $34 here: Pink Off Shoulder Midi Dress, For Burgundy color click Here

Oops, told you she’s my favorite 🙂  @sophielouisesdiary  (left),   & @mmegankathleen (right). Click the link to check them on Instagram.

Shop a similar outfit here for less than $30: Puff Sleeve Dress or click the image.

@doris_murati (left) is looking gorgeous in this dress.

Shop a similar outfit here for less than $20: Puff Sleeve Dress

Yup it’s me 🙂 @wanderess.abroad (left),  @shewandersabroad (middle), @globtrottingsu (right). These two are my favorites and flowy skirt is their signature to me.

Got mine (1st photo)  for less than $30: 3 Layers Chiffon Long Skirt (other colors available)

 This very gorgeous little summer dress is a must-have for every blogger wardrobe.

@tourdelust (left) she’s another favorite of mine and she’s super nice too /  @jasmine.elias (middle) / @jasmine.elias (right) **Click the link to view from their IG account.

Get similar here for less than $25: Dobby Mesh Self-Tie Ruffled Halter Dress

Another @tourdelust (left),  Fashionista – the best word to describe @blaireadiebee (middle), & when you say dreamy, creative photo that inspires me so many times @coffeecupsandroses (right). 

Get similar here for less than $67: Sweet Puff Sleeve Dress / Another version here for $22.

This Spaghetti Strap Ruched Bust with a Drawstring is a must-have if you are a Fashionista. From other stores, this cost almost $200.

Get the link here to get a similar design at $30: Spaghetti Sleeve Drawstring Tie Bust

In this Dress, I can always imagine a woman with animalistic sex appeal at a dinner or lunch table 🙂

Get the link here to get a similar design at $30 – Satin Spaghetti with Drawstring Dress

TIPS before paying anything online: Always read reviews.

Thank you for dropping by. Please let me know if you have any comments, suggestions, or requests. Feel free to contact me.

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