It’s September! To many fashion lovers, it’s a season for boots, sweaters, scarves, and everything in between. So, I did a little stalking of my favorite influencers/celebrities and their Most stylish Fall Fashion Ideas I love, and I want to share them with you guys!

In some countries, ‘Ber’ months mean Christmas is around the corner. People put on Christmas decor and you’ll start hearing Christmas songs as well. But in other countries, it means FALL Season. Autumn/Fall season where weather is not too hot but not too cold. To me, it is the most beautiful season of the year, not just because I can’t wait to see trees change their colors, but it’s the fashion ensemble and all of its wonderful variations.

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7 Stylish Outfit Ideas For Fall/Autumn Season

Outfit #1: Above-the-Knee Dress & Knee-High Boots + Blazer (optional)

Courtesy: My favorite Fashion Blogger @Sophielouisesdiary

Outfit #2: Sweater Dress and Thigh-High Boots

Image source: Pinterest

Outfit #3: Above-the-Knee Skirt, Sweater and Thigh-High Boots

Image Courtesy:  @Sophielouisesdiary (left), Kerina Wang (right)

Outfit #4: Jeans, Sweater and Thigh-High Boots

Image Courtesy: Gigi Hadid (left), Amy Jackson (middle & right)

Outfit #5: Dress/Skirt, Booties and Blazer. Denim Jacket is perfect too!

Image Courtesy: Karina Style Diaries (left), Pinterest

Outfit #6: Blazer/Trench Coat, Jeans and Pointy Toe Shoes + Scarf (optional)

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Outfit #7: Short, sweater/long sleeve blouse, and Thigh-High Boots + blazer (optional)

Let’s bend the rules a little: Just like its cousin ‘skirt’, a leather short or any high-waisted short is a perfect combination with thigh-high boots you’ve been wanting to wear. Wear it with a coat or without, either way, both are irresistible.

Courtesy: Olivia Culpo (left), Kelly Gale (right)

Thank you for being here with me today! Which one is your favorite? I hope this blog helps you with ideas and more.

Have a good day ahead!

Thank you very much for reading!


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